Workshop Public speaking - Use appropriate communication techniques.

Workshop « Public Speaking »


The objectives of the workshop:

  • Structure one’s message: objectives, adaptation, catcher, facilitation
  • Use appropriate verbal and non verbal communication techniques to persuade the audience in all situations: in front of a large audience (full sessions) or a smaller one (meetings or face to face)
  • Give a feedback on one’s image in a communication situation
  • Manage tricky situations: Controlling questions and dialectics with the Media, govermental institutions, investors and trade unions

Public concerned:

  • This workshop adresses mostly to operations and strategic directors, service and product managers, department managers, customers advisors and staff that need to speak in public (conferences, meetings, presentations, reports, etc).
  • It is recommended for those having to pass on a message within their organisation, to entertain working groups, to conduct meetings and assemblies.

This workshop can also be done in French : Parler en public.

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The trainers

Dimitri Van Sprang

Actor and coach
Certifié Coach HEC Paris Executive Education Coaching

Manuel Pires

Actor and coach


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Customised training

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In our venue or yours
Group of 10 people maximum
Details and prices on request

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